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Everyone wants to look special on their wedding. When it comes to bride, all focus goes on skin & fitness. Figuring out where to start can be stressful especially when you're busy with wedding planning. Relieve your Pressure & stress, cultivate a healthy glow from inside out by adopting 21 Day Pre Wedding Diet Plan.

Why Bridal Diet Consultation

Basically, the Bridal Diet is a short-term plan that meets your daily caloric needs with clean foods such as fibre-rich fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, low-fat dairy, lean meat or protein choices, some healthy fat etc. The pre wedding diet plan for bride is all about meeting your calorie goals with healthier food choices to support your weight loss.

Why Choose Us

We at Dr. Deepika's Wellness deeply study patient's medical history their eating habits, body analysis, lifestyle, hereditary diseases & prepare diet plan accordingly. We never suggest for crash diets & always recommend for the healthy & result oriented pre wedding diet plan for bride.

She personally does a comprehensive analysis of your body, how your body is accomodating with the given diet chart on the basis of time you are left with before your wedding day. Get the most effective & demanding 21 day pre wedding diet plan by Dr. Deepika Malik who is a well known ayurvedic nutritionist & pre wedding dietician near you with the experience of 15 years with many happy customers.

Pre Wedding Bridal Tips
  • Do Not Skip Meals
  • Choose Omega 3 Rich Meals/Intake Of Essential Vitamins
  • Limit The Intake of Sugar & Salt
  • Keep Your Body Hydrated

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