Navratra special sabu dana

Date: Apr 12, 2024

To celebrate navratra with health we are presenting a delicious navratra fasting food. sabudana is most preferred food during fasting days as its provide much of calories and can be cooked in both savoury and sweet form.

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millet tikki chaat

Date: Mar 22, 2024

all festivals are marked with food and fun. so food is the main key to celebrate a festival. millet tikki chat comes out nice for these festivities.

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refreshing lentil salad

Date: Feb 10, 2024

lentil are good source of protein for vegetarians.It must be a part of your meal everyday to get full fill the protein requirement by your body.

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tofu and mushroom masala tikka

Date: Feb 2, 2024

High protein diet is a must for our vital organs of the body. For vegetarians tofu is a good option. Along with mushroom not only the flavour get enhanced but the protein also increases.

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foxtail millet biryani

Date: Jan 19, 2024

The millet is high in dietary fiber, which can help support healthy digestion and may also help lower cholesterol levels leading to better cardiac health.

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Amaranth upma

Date: Jan 6, 2024

Amaranth is natural source for iron, magnesium, phosphorus and calcium. Its high in protein and is gluten free.Amaranth upma taste very good and is more healthier than normal semolina upma.

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mixed millet roti with garlic chutney

Date: Dec 4, 2023

Most of us feel more hungry during need good,filling dinner to sustain night.Mixed millet chapati rich in fibre and other nutrients is good option for weight watcher.

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Quinoa Hot Pot Meal

Date: Nov 20, 2023

Hot pot meal are more convenient meals for persons having very busy working schedules. one pot meal is also able to provide good portion without compromising nutrition too.

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Healthy snack

Date: Nov 6, 2023

Healthy snacks that can be easily made at home in no time without compromising health and taste.sweet potato and pineapple combination goes well together and a dash of tamarind sauce is icing on the cake.

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Hungcurd sandwich

Date: Oct 28, 2023

Hung curd sandwich is an easy , tasty and healthy breakfast option for every age group. Hung curd can be taken as dip with some roasted chips or vegetable sticks as healthy snack option.

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