• Consultation for Arthritis Management

    We provide one time consultation for 15-20 minutes for arthritis management by by Dr Deepika Malik.

  • Diet for Blood Sugar Control

    Our personalized diet charts will help you to control your blood sugar levels by dietary interventions especially considering your likes and dislikes.

  • Diet for PCOS

    This metabolism related disorder leads to many health issues in females like weight gain, disturbed menstrual cycle and skin problems. Our diet plans help them to achieve optimum health keeping the symptomatic occurrence at bay.

  • Meal Balancing for Kids/Teenager

    Today’s eating habits of kids/teenager is a major health concern among parents as it has contributed most to child obesity complemented by sedentary lifestyle adopted by the children. Keeping in mind kids like and dislike about food, we chalk out interesting diet plans which goes well with the kids and even parents feel it feasible to go with.

  • Diet for Gluten Allergy

    When our body develops allergies against certain types of food, we are advised to abandon that particular food from our diet and in doing that our body even get deprived of other nutrients present in that particular food. Under our guidance you can get interesting diet plans and in house recipes which will help you to get enough nutrition from other food sources and don’t make you feel boring about the diet.

  • Menopausal Diet Plans

    Woman after 40’s may have peri-menopause and menopausal symptoms where she needs special diet to be healthy. Diet and lifestyle greatly influence the hormonal changes taking place during this phase of women life. Our healthy diet plans helps women to go easy through this phase maintaining optimum physical health and mental health as well.

  • Diet for Hypothyroid Patients

    Hypothyroid can develop in any age group specially in females which has other health implications such as gain in weight, slow metabolism etc. Our expert advice on diet helps you to curb down all these issue, keeping you fit and motivated.

  • Diet for Cholesterol Management

    Our dietary habit is one of the contributory factors for raised cholesterol level in our body. We provide very streamlined and personalized doable diet plans involving interesting recipes, to keep our cholesterol within a healthy range.

  • Diet for Blood Pressure Control

    We help you to understand how to control your blood pressure by changing the lifestyle and diet pattern. If you are looking for best diet clinic in Gurgaon? Look no more, Dr. Deepika's Wellness is the one stop solution for weight loss, detox diet plans, corporate diet plans, pre/post pregnancy diet plans and many more.

  • Nutrition Program for School

    We arrange seminars in schools for group of children, parents and teachers as well which help them develop healthy eating habits. We also develop healthy food menu and recipes for school canteens. Dr. Deepika's Wellness is a dedicated diet clinic in Gurgaon to enabling a permanent shift to a healthier lifestyle with an amazing management team who is profusely involved in transforming healing experience.

Diet consultation for kidney patients, IBS, traveler’s diarrhea and all other ailments.

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