Skin and Hair
Rejuvenating Diets

Skin & Hair is the most important & vital part of the body with a special attention & extra care because whatever you consume will reflect on your skin & hair. There are mainly three types of skin dry, normal & oily & all three of them needs different care & diet plan. Hair is the only part of your body which compliments your healthy glowing skin when it is healthy, luscious & shiny. Texture & volume of hair varies from person to person, to keep your hair healthy & shiny you should stick to a proper hair diet & nutrition for healthy skin & hair.

Why Skin, Hair Rejuvenating Diet Plan

We're so much obsessed with the cosmetics & spending hours in the salon that we forget to include essentials vitamins & nutrients in our diet. Diet plays an important & significant role in rejuvenating our skin from scars, wrinkles & pollutants in the air. Diet plan for good skin & hair are made according to your body requirement based on various parameters to check how your skin & hair are responding towards a particular diet plan, which are customized as per your body requirement which differs from person to person.

Why Choose Us

Skin regenerates itself every 28 days, Hair grows by 0.50 inch per month. Cells of the body are constantly being renewed & replaced. We at Dr. Deepika's Wellness deeply study & understand features of your skin & hair to suggest the most effective & essential Diet Plan For Good Skin & Hair.

She personally monitor the diet plan, keep a record & replan the diet as per your skin & hair response, stimulation rate towards a given diet plan. Dr. Deepika Malik is a well known ayurvedic dietitian, nutritionist & provides the best Nutrition For Healthy Skin & Hair in Gurgaon.

Healthy hair and glowing skin tips
  • Eat seasonal, fresh fruits and vegetables, drink sufficient water, herbal teas, soup, coconut water to keep your skin hydrated.
  • Avoid caffeinated drinks, alcohols, sugar laden fruit juices and chocolates.
  • Eat properly and sleep well.
  • Stay positive and keep stress at bay.

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