Diet Plans

Companies with successful Corporate Diet Plans get the desired ROI. Passes to fitness clubs, organizing one or two seminars in a year and pamphlets with nutrition info aren’t enough. When employees consistently eat healthy, companies will grow healthy with increase in productivity which ultimately save money.

Why Corporate Diet Plans

With extremely hectic schedules and demanding work hours in jobs, focusing on fitness level and/or health, is not a priority for most. Since, people spend most of the time at their work place it’s necessarily important to have a health plan in place for the employees and employers.

Our corporate plans are custom made depending on each company’s requirement. With wrong eating habits, lack of essential vitamins and healthy food, incorrect & lethargic lifestyle is leading to a corporate "Burn Out". As a result no. of heart diseases, diabetes, digestive disorder & depression is increasing day by day which leads to absenteeism & affects the efficiency of an employee & productivity of companies. Our Corporate Nutrition Services is designed according to your working hours and the focus is on ensuring that each individual benefits by making healthful choices.

Why Choose Us

Dr. Deepika's Wellness not only provide one to one counselling depends upon the employee's health condition & report but also conduct various Health Wellness programs & sessions & known for providing the best Corporate Nutrition Services in Gurgaon. Dr. Deepika Malik is a well known ayurvedic dietitian & nutritionist with the experience of 15 years in Corporate Diet Plans in Gurgaon.

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