pregnancy diet plans

Pregnancy, a wonderful & unforgettable time in a women's life. It comes with a change in a women's body which transform with the every passing days. Health of your baby is directly related to the health of a mother. Taking care of your diet is the most important thing, ignoring which can stop the growth & development of your baby inside the womb.

Post Pregnancy

The shift from pregnancy back to “normalcy” can feel significant and it can sometimes be a struggle trying to navigate this new life phase. Your body have undergone so many changes during nine months, you cannot expect for a miracle which would happen within a month or a week. Minimum 3 months is the lesser time which you should give to yourself when you start noticing positive changes in your body.

Why Pre Pregnancy Diet Plans

Your pre-pregnancy weight & health directly influences your baby's birth weight & health. According to the latest studies underweight women are more likely to give birth to small babies, even though they may gain the same amount in pregnancy as normal weight women. Overweight women have an increased risk of various complications in pregnancy which leads to miscarriage & stillbirth. Pre Pregnancy Diet Plan and lifestyle choices can have a significant impact on your fertility. Eating well and developing healthy habits are important before and during pregnancy, her entire diet need to be healthy, balanced and nutritious.

Why Post Pregnancy Diet Plans

Losing weight during normal time is different from losing weight after Post Pregnancy. A healthy diet with daily exercise specially for the new mothers will help you shed the pounds. Breastfeeding can also help with postpartum weight loss, But you cannot completely rely on breast feeding. There are few exercises, proper post pregnancy diet plans according to your body BMR will help you in post pregnancy weight loss.

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At Dr. Deepika's Wellness we understand that there is no one plan that fits for all. She deeply analyse & consider the following parameters such as blood group, medical history, lifestyle & hereditary diseases to get you the best possible Post Pregnancy Weight Loss Diet Plan with personal monitoring. Dr. Deepika Malik is a well known ayurvedic dietitian & nutritionist with the experience of 15 years in pre/post pregnancy diet plans in Gurgaon.

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