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  • She is knows what she is doing and very accommodating and friendly Doctor, intelligent and smart at the same time and knows what she offers you.

    Bhushan Arora, New delhi

  • Very good balanced diet. The best part is that they don't starve you. They give ample of food which are all healthy.

    Vashima Jain, New delhi

  • Lost 3 kg in 2 weeks. Feeling happy and thanks to Dr. Deepika Malik for all her help.

    Archana Kumar, New delhi

  • Excellent ambient, precise diagnosis and diet chart approachable.

    A.S. Subramaniyan, New delhi

  • Lost 14 kgs in 6 months.I am really very happy. Thanks to Dr. Deepika Malik

    Mrs. Neeraj, New delhi

  • Deepika is someone who knows so much about health and nutrition. You get your health back when you work with her. I have been going to Deepika for the last 3 years, more than just giving you a diet; she understands you, your physiology, your overall health and works in a way to treat you holistically. It is not just about losing weight; it is about overall well-being and being healthy. She is a delight to work with, very friendly and as I say to her often - "She is my confession box for all the food cheating I do. I wish her loads of success.

    Maneesha Kappor Director, Learning Expert & Coach , Gurgaon

  • I would like to thank Dr Deepika and her team for their sincere efforts and time they took to understand each and every health issue I was facing. I have done many diet programmes earlier with different dieticians, before I joined her but I find her so different in her approach that now I can say I have come to the right place where I am losing weight and at the same time she helped me with my other health issues. I will highly recommend her.

    Jasleen Kaur, Gurgaon, New delhi

  • The clinic is very well located & also I have never faced any problem whenever I visited there. Also I get personal reminders for my appointment by mail & message & when I don't visit sometimes on my appointment I get a call from there. So overall very good experience.

    Ruchika Sharma, Home maker, Delhi

  • I have worked with Dr. Deepika for the past 6 years on getting a better understanding of health and various adaptations on maintaining a healthier lifestyle without stress and crash dieting. She has a lot to offer with her years of experience as an Ayurvedic Physician and intensive training on diets. She works hard with her clients and makes them empowered to live a healthier life with prescribing the right food combinations for each body type according to body type, age, lifestyle temperament, likes and dislikes. Dr. Deepika's approach is more holistic in nature catering to a varied client base. I would highly recommend her for she thrives to make a positive difference in the lives of people.

    Sheetal Nangia - Yoga Expert, Gurgaon, New delhi

  • Wellness is a state of mind and Dr. Deepika's wellness clinic is synonymous to that. For me, she has taken wellness to a whole lot new level, with her key insights into the core values of a healthy lifestyle. She is my go to nutritionist, who has helped me during my weight loss, as well as, my pre and post natal healthcare. I swear by her and would highly recommend her to each and everyone of you who are looking to switch to a healthy lifestyle. So just go to her and let her magic wand do all the wonders. :D

    Kanika Khanijo, Fashion Designer,Gurgaon

  • Dr. Deepika Malik, before a dietician n a doctor is more like a family member or rather my coach mentor n guide when it comes to living life. She has been my confidante for close to a decade now. From my cheatings to eatings, she knows it all…she keeps me going thru all my highs and lows with food at the backdrop. To you Deepika….#Keep charging to the health and smiles that you bring on faces !

    Upasana Chawla CDO , Silhhouttes,

  • I have known Dr.Deepika for 10 years now. I first went to her on a friend’s recommendation to loose weight I had put on after having a kid. Not only did I loose the desired weight, I also learnt a new way to eat healthy. I have ever since been in touch with her and over the years done short term detox diets to reset my system whenever life has been hectic and I have lost track of balanced eating. I like her approach to weight loss, she takes into account individual lifestyle, health parameters and eating preferences. Her plans are not fad diets but meals that balance all nutrients the body needs. I like her deep knowledge on nutrition - food ingredients and interesting simple reciepes she has introduced me to. I highly recommend her for her expertise as a nutritionist and weight loss expert. Over the years I have relocated to several cities and even out of country, she has been very helpful in advising meal plans based on local ingredients available in different cities, to make it easy to follow the diet plans.


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