Beetroot Chutney Recipe

Date: Jan 12, 2012

 Ingredients for beetroot chutney 1 kg beetroot 50 gms raisins 5 peppercorns 1 large onion, peeled and chopped 100 gms jaggery (gur) 1 cup lemon juice(200 m.l.) 6 cloves 1 teaspoon salt 50 gms ginger chopped Recipe Instructions Prepare the beetroot. Wash the beetroot and cook it gently in a large pan with water until it is tender. Remove from the pan and let it stand to cool. Once cooled, rub off the skins and dice the beetroot into cubes. chutney preparation Tie the ginger, peppercorns and the cloves in muslin cloth.take a heavy bottom pan add 1 tsp oil to it saute onion for 1 minute. Put beetroot cubes into pan stir it add the tied muslin cloth spice bag and bring the mixture to the boil slowly.add jaggery keep stirring once jaggery is dissolved add lemon juice and keep stirring.mash the beetroot cubes with the help of spatula. Reduce the heat and let the ingredients simmer until they are cooked and the sauce is thick. Remove the muslin bag. let the chutney cool. now you can jar the chutney.

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