Pesto - fish recipe

Date: Jan 18, 2019

Ingredients Fish fillets ( 100g) Basil pesto dressing -1 tbsp salt to taste lime juice 1 tsp oil to grease. Method To marinate take the fish fillets and mix well with basil pesto, salt and lime juice and keep in refrigerator for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes bring it out. Grease a pan and...

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Sweet Potato Salad

Date: Jan 12, 2019

In winters who can stay away from sweet potato but More often weight watcher avoid eating sweet potato being sweet and high in calorie. but if you get to know its benefits,you will start enjoying sweet potato without the guilt. Its so healthy being rich in potassium ,selenium , iron ,calcium,vit...

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A week after party how to to detox your body

Date: Jan 8, 2019

Its New year ,new resolutions and time to think about your health again.As we are done with our year end parties,its time to to detox our body.Here is one easy way to detox your body completely in a healthy way. 1. Have shots of wheatgrass juice( 30 ml per day)) empty stomach in the morning . Thi...

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