Makhana Salad

Date: Feb 27, 2023 Categories: Salad Recipe

makhana when add to stir fry veggies adds crunchiness to salad and taste another level with muhammara dip. Makhana rich in calcium magnesium protein increases the nutritive value of the salad as a whole.

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Chicken tikka salad

Date: Feb 11, 2023 Categories: Salad Recipe

chicken tikka salad is just to bring a change in taste and to consume a little more vegetable. Its spicy and is a full meal.

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strawberries arugula salad

Date: Jan 27, 2023 Categories: Salad Recipe

Strawberries arugula and walnut salad is rich in vitamins and minerals with very less calorie. This winter salad can be enjoyed as a meal.

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kale quinoa and chestnut salad

Date: Dec 3, 2022 Categories: Salad Recipe

winter is the season of leafy green vegetbles. kale is one of them. Rich in potassium, calcium and vitamin A K and goes well in salads.

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kimchi salad

Date: Jun 18, 2022 Categories: Salad Recipe

kimchi salad being a fermented recipe is good for stomach and and is rich in probiotics. kimchi salad can be taken as a side dish with chicken or any other protein.

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summer salad

Date: Jun 3, 2022 Categories: Salad Recipe

salads in summer are quite refreshing and keep you cool. Mango is the king of this summer season and can be used in different recipes. Tangy green raw mangoes are quite enjoyable in salads.

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Arugula ,beetroot and cottage cheese salad

Date: Oct 27, 2021 Categories: Salad Recipe

its just the start of winter season and we get nice microgreens which are nutrient loaded also.arugula and beetroot rich in antioxidants,folate,vitamin A and minerals.

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Crunchy bok choy

Date: Sep 24, 2021 Categories: Salad Recipe

Bok choy rich in vitamin A, vitamin c,fibre etc. It has anti- inflammatory effect and helps detoxify liver.

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couscous chick pea salad

Date: Jun 21, 2021 Categories: Salad Recipe

couscous chick pea salad is one of the best summer salad recipe to beat the heat in summer.chick pea and paneer improves the protein content of the recipe.

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Arugula pineapple salad

Date: Mar 3, 2021 Categories: Salad Recipe

This salad is refreshing in summer. Loaded with microgreens makes it nutrient rich. cheese in it makes it filling and protein rich.

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