kale avocado roll

Date: Jul 17, 2024 Categories: Rolls & Wraps

Making an elaborate meal during summer becomes really difficult because of unbearable heat and sweat.In that case a roll or wrap is the easiest way and take less time for cooking. It is a complete meal for everyone .

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Buritto wrap

Date: Jun 8, 2024 Categories: Rolls & Wraps

Buritto comes handy , tasty ,nutritious when you think for a easy , fast and palatable dish. raw mango add flavour to the buritto .

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tzatziki falafel wrap

Date: May 11, 2024 Categories: Rolls & Wraps

summer refreshing Tzatziki dip goes well in rolls wraps , salads too. This roll with falafel and veggies is nutritious and filling too.

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Hungcurd sandwich

Date: Oct 28, 2023 Categories: Rolls & Wraps

Hung curd sandwich is an easy , tasty and healthy breakfast option for every age group. Hung curd can be taken as dip with some roasted chips or vegetable sticks as healthy snack option.

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Banana almond butter toast

Date: Aug 25, 2023 Categories: Rolls & Wraps

when you feel like a lighter and nicer meal, banana toast is quite filling and a quick task. Its tasty and can meet your craving for sweet .

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gluten free nutri momos

Date: Jun 19, 2023 Categories: Rolls & Wraps

Momos is one of the most relishing Chinese dish . but the coting is mostly is made of maida. which makes its unhealthy to eat. But momos can be enjoyed by just changing the maida to rice flour or wheat. Rice flour and nutri momos recipe is a protein rich meal for everyone.

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chicken/paneer wrap in mango salsa

Date: Apr 9, 2021 Categories: Rolls & Wraps

Wraps are great option as a complete meal.Healthy wraps are right choice for lunch as well as dinner.This chicken or paneer wrap with a twist of mango salsa imparts spicy, sweet and sour taste.

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Date: Aug 28, 2020 Categories: Rolls & Wraps

Quesadillas are interesting and handy meal for every one. Its a full meal and can replace conventional roti and veg meal.

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Lettuce Chicken Wrap

Date: Sep 12, 2019 Categories: Rolls & Wraps

Lettuce chicken wrap is a very tempting and interesting recipe for a change and comes as a handy meal when you are very busy in your work.Being rich in protein and fibre, it keeps you full for long hours.

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Raw Mango and Avocado Roll

Date: Jul 4, 2019 Categories: Rolls & Wraps

Presenting a yumm, mouth watering,healthy and a summer cool meal for your sunny days.The ingredients used in this recipe,Avocado and flax seeds are rich in omega -3 fatty acid, vitamin A and vitamin C.It nourishes your skin, hair and also good for heart.

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