chicken salad

Date: May 15, 2018
chicken salad

Ingredients- 200 gm chicken breast (cut into 2 inch square shape)

1 small tomato (cut into long strips)

½ red bell pepper (cut into small pieces)

½ yellow bell pepper (cut into small pieces)

1 onion cut into small wedges

Salt according to taste

Fresh/ dried parsley leaves for garnishing

Garlic- 3-4 cloves

Cinnamons stick- 1 small pieces

Olive oil 1 tsp

Honey- 1 tsp


Method-   Heat oil in a pan on medium heat.  Add onion tomato, bell peppers in it and cook for a minute. On another pan take 2 cup water, garlic cloves and  cinnamon, little salt and add chicken in it and cook till it get soften.

Take chicken pieces out from water. This water can be used as chicken broth or as soup with vegetable.

Now add all vegetable and chicken in a bowl and honey, salt, pepper and lemon juice in it. Mix well.  Cool it in refrigerator for ½ hours. Garnish with parsley leaves and serve.


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