Date: Apr 10, 2018

 child obesity has been a growing concern among parents.Children have been seen engaged with their phones,laptops or electronics gadgets with no time for outdoor activities. This shift in lifestyle has really created major health issues in children.With activity level being zero and consumption of junk/high calorie food producing fatter future generation.This problem can be tackled by growing awareness among parents and children about food and health.

Here are few tips:

1.One should encourage children to participate in sports or outdoor games everyday.

2. Try making interesting healthy recipes for children at home.

3. Keep healthy and handy foods like ragi crackers with some interesting hung curd or hummus dips/ home made bhel replacing waffles or chips or namkeen etc.

4.Replace carbonated and caffeinated beverages with home made lassi/chach/smoothies/nimbu pani/coconut water.

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