crispy stir fried tofu

Date: May 16, 2018

 Ingredients- Enjoy this winter with crispy fried tofu Serve-6 Ingredients 500 gms tofu 1/4 th cup cornflour 1/4 tsp salt 1/2 tsp crushed black pepper 1tbsp sunflower oil 1/4rth cup bamboo shoots 1/2cup diced onion 1/2 cup fresh corn karnels 1/2 cup diced carrot.

Method- cut tofu into small cubes.Pour flour,salt,and tofu pieces into a bowl and mix them well.heat a medium frying pan with 1/2tbsp oil and brown tofu pieces on each side.set aside In a large skillet,add remaining oil and saute all vegetables.cover and simmer for 7 minutes over medium heat,add salt and pepper according to taste.Add fried tofu pieces to the vegetable and mix together.serve warm

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