Date: Mar 12, 2014

Tawa baigan- 1 serving Ingredients 1 medium size brinjal 2 tbsp besan ½ Cup Water Garam masala Chili powder Salt 2 -3 tsp oil(refined)

Method Wash and cut the brinjal into thin vertical section. Mix besan and water in a bowl. Add salt and masala to it. Dip the slices of brinjal into it. Heat non-stick pan put some oil and spread it well. Put the slices and cook one side down till get tender then upside down and feel the taste of baigan pakora. Channa dal stuffed Parantha-1 serving This recipe is an excellent combination of protein and carb Enjoy.................. Ingredients 1/4rth cup channa dal (soaked in water for 4-5 hrs) 1 tsp oil(refined) 1 cup Wheat flour( make dough) Salt to taste A pinch of hing Garam masala Chili powder Method Heat a kadhai and add oil to it. When oil get heated put the hing ,channa dal and salt,masala and chili powder and sauté it. Cover it and simmer the gas till it get tender. Keep it aside till get cool. Use this for stuffing in the atta to make roti. You can apply ½ tsp of butter /olive oil to get the flavour of parantha..

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