Fish in mustard sauce.

Date: Sep 10, 2021
Fish in mustard sauce.



100gm  fish fillets ( surmai/ salmon/ sole)


2 tsp mustard seeds


2 tsp freshly chopped coriander


2 tsp olive oil


2 tsp lime juice 


salt and pepper to taste


baking sheet 





Take a baking tray. arrange baking sheet on it. put fish fillet on it. grease all fish fillet  with olive oil using a brush on both the side.sprinkle salt and pepper.


Now take mustard seed and 1 tbsp water and churn in mixy for few mins till you get rough paste of mustard. Take a bowl put this mustard paste, olive oil, chopped coriander,lime juice and mix well. apply this mixture on fish fillet with the help of a brush and airfry it .

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