Grilled pine apple salad

Date: May 10, 2017
Grilled pine apple salad

 Grilled pine apple salad




Pine apple-8 small pieces

Baby corn-50gms

Cherry tomato-2-3

Red and yellow bellpepper-1 cup

Iceberg lettuce-50gm

Olive oil-1 tsp

For Dressing

Balsamic vinegar-2 tsp

Olive oil-1 tsp

Salt –acc taste




Blanch corn and keep aside. Brush little oil to pine apples and grill it on tawa or griller. Mix all dressing in a bowl. In another bowl take pine apples, bell pepper, corn, and cherry tomatoes, pour dressings over it and mix well. Take a plate in which keep iceberg lettuce leaves as a base and pour salad over it and serve.

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