Grilled vegetables in Pita Pocket

Date: Nov 30, 2017
Grilled vegetables in Pita Pocket

 Grilled vegetables in Pita Pocket



Bellpepper- 1 cup(red ,green ,yellow)

Mushrooms - 4 (chopped)

Paneer-30gm (diced)

Pita bread -1 (cut into halves)

For Marinade

Garlic and ginger paste-1 tsp

Green chillies(chopped)-1 tsp

Tomato ketchup-2 tsp

Organic soy sauce-1 tsp

Olive oil-1 tsp

salt and pepper- acc taste


Method-Mix all the ingredients for marinade in a bowl.Chop all the vegetables.Take a big bowl and place cut vegetables in it.Pour dressing over it and mix properly.Leave it for 30 minutes.Now Place all marinated vegetables on a flat,slightly oiled baking tray and grill until vegetables begin to char.(Alternatively vegetables can be put on skewer and barbecued).Remove vegetables form grill.Slice warmed pita bread and fill with the cooked vegetables.

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