Healthy and Yummy Dessert

Date: Oct 11, 2017
Healthy and Yummy Dessert

 Prepare healthy and yummy dessert at home for festive treat without any negligence to your resolution of being fit.when you find no way to avoid sweets,its always better to choose healthy and nutrient dense sweets over high calorie sweets.Beetroot halwa is one of the best choice over all other sweets in terms of nutrition.

Beetroot Halwa

Ingredients (serving 2)

Beet root -2 medium( peeled and grated)
Grated dried coconut-1 tbsp
2 small green cardamom powdered
2 tsp desi ghee
20 gms jaggery
4-5 crushed almonds

In a pan heat desi ghee and add beetroot to it.Cook untill soften,add jaggery,grated coconut and again cook for 5-6 minutes untill the jaggery mixed well and gives a sticky texture.Sprinkle cardamom and almonds over it and mix well.Serve hot.


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