Importance of Keto Diet

Date: Jun 29, 2019
Importance of Keto Diet

Keto Diet is quite a fad these days. Whoever you know is trying to loose weight by following the keto diet. But I feel one should understand the pros and cons of a diet before starting the process.

People jump on the band wagon without realising what is good or bad for them, So i am trying to explain pros and cons of the keto diet.

    Keto diet can help you to loose weight but not sustain weight for a long time.
    Keto diet can help manage type -2 diabetes because of the lower intake of carbohydrate in the diet.
    It can help diabetic people to eliminate large spikes in blood sugar, reducing the need for insulin.
    Keto diet one of the best detox diet for weight loss.

    Keto Acidosis - If keto diet is maintained for too long, it causes your body to produce high level of blood acids.
    Fatigue - In keto diet, we feel very low, because of no carbohydrates and our body suddenly switch from burning glucose to burning fat.
    Kidney Stones - In keto diet, body can be low on electrolytes and fluid. This can make people prone to acute kidney stone and kidney injury.
    Bad Breath - People who are following the keto diet for long term, their breath has a peculiar smell, actually the smell is from acetone.

Keto diet should be done only under clinical supervision and only for brief periods.

Keto diet should be personalised according to every person\'s different medical and diet background.

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