mixed millet roti with garlic chutney

Date: Dec 4, 2023
mixed millet roti with garlic chutney

 Ingredients for roti

1/3rd cup bajra

1/3rd cup jowar

1/3rd cup wheat atta

1/4 tsp white sesame seed

water to knead.


Ingredients for Garlic Chutney

2 dry red chilli

1/2 tsp oil

8-10 garlic cloves

salt to taste

For garlic chutney, roast red chilli and garlic lightly in oil. once cool churn in mixy and add salt to taste.

For mixed millet roti, mix the flour and knead them in warm water. Knead it for sometime and leave it for 10 mins and then again knead with little warm  water.This process will make your chapati soft.

Take small portion of the dough and roll out chapati. while rolling out  add sesame seeds. cook on skillet from both the sides.

Serve the chapati with spicy garlic chutney and 1/2 tsp white white butter.






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