Paneer with fresh herbs

Date: May 17, 2018
Paneer with fresh herbs


200gm vita paneer

2tbsp fresh coriander or 2tsp of dried oregano

2 onions sliced

2 medium- sized button mushrooms

2 tablespoon non fat plain yoghurt

Salt and pepper to taste

Olive oil spray


Holding the paneer with the palm of your hand, make a horizontal slit. It should be deep enough to form a pocket the length of the paneer. In a food processor or by hand, chop the coriander, onions and mushrooms together. Add the yoghurt and blend well. season with salt and pepper to taste. Salt and pepper the inside slits of the paneer together to close the slits. Set a medium size non stick skillet over medium high heat, and spray with olive oil. Brown the paneer for 2 minute each side, seasoning each cooked side with salt and pepper. Lower the heat to medium, cover with lid and cook 6 more min. serve hot.

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