Quinoa salad

Date: Mar 22, 2017
Quinoa salad

 Quinoa salad

Enjoy this salad which is rich in protein and fibre.You can also do many variations by changing herbs of your choices.



Quinoa-2 tbsp

Orange-1/2 (cut into small pieces)

Avocado-1/2 cup cut into small pieces

Arugula (salad rocket)-1 cup (can take any other leaves)


Crushed garlic -1/2 tsp

Cilantro and fresh mint leaves-1 tsp

Extra virgin olive oil-1 tsp


Limejuice-2 tsp

Method- Boil quinoa in 1 liter water for 10 minutes and keep it covered for five minutes. Now throw the extra water and strain it. Keep aside for cooling. Take all ingredients in a big bowl. Mix all dressing in another bowl properly and pour it over the salad before eating.

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