refreshing lentil salad

Date: Feb 10, 2024
refreshing lentil salad


1 cup soaked whole moong dal

1/3 cup chopped tomato

1/3 cup chopped cucumber

1 tbsp , chopped fresh coconut

2 tbsp pomegranate

a fist full chopped coriander

1 tbsp roasted and crushed peanuts

2 tsp lime juice

salt to taste

1 /2 tsp roasted cumin seed powder.


For Tadka:

1 tsp desi ghee or cold pressed coconut oil

1/2 tsp mustard seed

4-5 curry leaves

a pinch asafatoieda (hing)



1. Steam the moong dal and keep it aside to cool.

2. Take a mixing bowl and add all the ingredients. Add the moong dal and mix well.

3. Take a pan, heat desi ghee or coconut oil and add mustard seed. Wait till it splutter and then add hing and curry leaves.Make sure it should not burn. Spread this tadka on the top of the salad mixture. your refreshing salad is ready to serve.


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