Date: Apr 27, 2018

 Getting less than seven hours of a sleep at night has been linked to weight gain. But getting too much sleep is not good for your health. those people sleep more than 10 hours in a regular basis increase the body mass index of your body.

many studies have proven those peoples tend to keep track of your weight every morning have better results than those who don’t track their weight at all.
Skip the excuses. Wake up early so that you don’t end up running late.Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It fills you with energy and stabilise glucose levels. Skipping breakfast can slow down your metabolism and produce harmful acids in the body which leads to acid reflex and acidity.
You get ready in  the dark-  let the sunshine in! Breathing in morning oxygen is good for your body. open your curtains and let in some fresh air. Getting ready in the dark makes you weight gain as your body does not register the fact that it needs to enhance your metabolism rate until it experiences some sunlight.

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