Spring onion soup

Date: May 22, 2018
Spring onion soup


Spring onions- 4 with greens (finely chopped)

Potato – 1 medium (peeled and chopped)

Garlic- 1-2 chopped

Tabasco sauce – 1tsp

2 cup water

Olive oil -1 tsp

Salt as required

Few parsley and basil leaves for garnish (optional)


Heat olive oil in a pot. Fry the garlic for 10-12 seconds. Add the spring onions and sauté for 4-5 min on a low flame. Now add the chopped potatoes. Season with salt and pepper. Stir well, pour water and stir again. Cover the pot and simmer till the potatoes are cooked completely on a low to medium flame. Add Tabasco sauce and keep the soup to simmer for 4-5 min, serve spring onion hot.


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