thai Pumpkin soup

Date: Nov 26, 2022
thai Pumpkin soup

 200 g pumpkin sliced thinly (use orange pumpkin for better taste and color)
1 tbsp thai red curry paste
2 and 1/2 cups of veg stock or use stock powder/ cube dissolved in water
100 ml coconut milk
3-4 garlic pods- chopped
1 tsp oil/ butter
a small bunch thai basil leaves
salt/ pepper taste
chilli oil to garnish


Saute the curry paste in oil/ butter ,add the garlic and pumpkin and saute a bit. Then add some stock and pressure cook for few whistles.
Open and blend with a blender or mixy, no need to sieve.

Then add the rest of the stock, coconut milk, salt , pepper, basil leaves and cool till get correct consistency. Garnish with a bit of chilli oil.

serving suggestion : It can be serve with some grills or roasted or tikkas or Put a serving spoon of cooked quinoa in the soup have it as a meal.

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