The truth behind New year resolution

Date: Jan 5, 2017
The truth behind New year resolution

To loose weight and to be in shape has always been the most popular resolution of new year,but how many people stick to it. Taking resolution to stay fit during new year is an agenda on many people\'s mind but when it comes to following it everybody wants quick result and to achieve that people skip meals,do rigorous exercise,taking medicines to loose weight,without understanding that these ways are not healthy and they are short term. If you want to be healthy then set practical and long term goals Fulfil your new year resolution by learning which weight loss tips actually work and which are waste of your time. Some tips are:- Set a practical and achievable goal. Watch your portion while eating. Select your drinks carefully. Prefer to go out for lunch not for dinner. Fill up your tummy with lightly cooked vegetables and soups. Do exercise for 1 hour daily.

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