tzatziki falafel wrap

Date: May 11, 2024
tzatziki falafel wrap


 1 cucumber , peeled  and grated

 1 cup greek yogurt


1 tbsp , Fresh dill, chopped


1 tbsp, fresh mint , chopped


2 cloves garlic , minced


1 tbsp lemon  juice


salt and pepper to taste


extra virgin olive oil , for drizzling 


1 wheat tortilla


 1 small chopped tomato


 1 small chopped onion


1 falafel cut into 4 pcs


 a fist full blanched spinach


Direction for tzatziki Dip.


Take a mixing bowl,  add yogurt , cucumber, dill, mint , garlic, lemon juice and mix well. add salt and pepper to taste. Drizzle with olive oil.


Direction for making roll

Take a wheat tortilla, spread the tzatziki dip uniformly on it, put baked falafel , blanched spinach, chopped  onion tomato and roll it.






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