Why To Choose A Weight Management Program - A Dietitian & Nutritionist Thought & View

Date: Aug 3, 2019
Why To Choose A Weight Management Program - A Dietitian & Nutritionist Thought & View

In 15 years of my experience as an Ayurvedic Doctor and as a diet Expert, I have seen a period of transition. food and nutrition science has come a long way. The conventional way of practice of treatment of diseases related to lifestyle has changed over the time. It has shifted from treating the disease with medicines to correcting the lifestyle and food we eat, which is the root cause of many health problems. This has been possible because of the changing thought process of the people too who have realised what is really deteriorating their health, productivity at work and peace at home.

Health and wellness is cropping like anything and the most accepted theory by the people is weight management. Even I second it because its not only about looking good, fitting into clothes or looking for a model type body.
Body weight being the underlying cause of many ailments such as abnormal blood sugar/ Heart disease/ knee pain/ breathlessness issues/ sleep problems and many more.
And what need to be corrected at individual level is food that we eat without spending a lot from your pocket/ your precious time and of course without stress.
Isn't it the easiest way to stay healthy?
Is it not the reason enough to visit a diet expert who can really guide you for healthy weight loss.
Now again as this field of food and nutrition science is growing, many more concepts of diets are coming up.
Everyone comes up with different approach from ATKIN's, DASH to Keto, intermittent fasting till the latest Pritikin diet and  its not selecting a diet plan which suits or gel with you or easy to follow. Every approach has its own limitation and has to be done under an expert nutritionist who can understand your bodily requirement and set your plan accordingly.
If you really believe that your life is driven by both external and internal energies.Then you must correct your food that you eat. 
if you will eat healthy food, it will fill you up with positive energy and make you happy.
I wish you Health and Happiness.

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