Fish in mustard sauce.

Date: Sep 10, 2021

mustard sauce imparts a nice aroma and flavor to Fish recipe.It can be combined with some salad or stir fry veggies and that completes your meal .

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paneer stuffed mushroom

Date: Sep 3, 2021

stuffed mushroom is a great option as snacks and when combine with some soup becomes good meal. A combination of paneer and mushroom improves the protein content along with other nutrients.

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Egg shakshuka

Date: Aug 7, 2021

Egg shakshuka is one of the bright and spicy recipe of eggs. Its feeling, nutritious and is a modification of conventional method of cooking egg.It becomes a complete meal with lots of veggies in it when combined with some healthy pancake or breads.

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Teryaki stir fry rice bowl meal

Date: Jul 28, 2021

Bowl meals are always a compact, healthy nutritious meals.With good amount of carbs protein and vitamins and minerals it satisfy the nutrition need of the body.combinationation of quinoa and stir fry veggies with toasted sesame seeds is sumptuous.

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Hibiscus Tea

Date: Jun 28, 2021

Hibiscus flower tea has great health benefits. It is known to reduce blood pressure,packed with anti oxidants , good for liver health and helps in wt. loss

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couscous chick pea salad

Date: Jun 21, 2021

couscous chick pea salad is one of the best summer salad recipe to beat the heat in summer.chick pea and paneer improves the protein content of the recipe.

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Avocado veg sandwich

Date: Jun 16, 2021

Avocado is loaded with good fat,potassium, vitamin B,C and K. To reap it s health benefits we can either eat avocado in salad /smoothie and sandwiches.

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Mango salsa for summer

Date: Jun 12, 2021

Mango,one of the most liked summer fruit and very healthy too. you can now also have mango but with a twist so that it will not hamper your wt. loss journey.

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Specialised post covid recovery diet plan

Date: Jun 9, 2021

offering post covid recovery diet plan. dr deepika malik. contact us 0124 2385270 or mail;

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Moong sprouts kebab

Date: Jun 9, 2021

these are one of the healthiest food with high protein content. It can be enjoyed some spicy sauce or chutney.

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