Roasted kebabs made with kalachanna

Date: Feb 3, 2021

kale chana kebab is simple to make and turns out to be quite tasty.However,some pre-planning is required.

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glossy black rice veg bowl

Date: Jan 27, 2021

Black rice also called forbidden rice is nutritious. To provide good nutrition of day combining black rice with highly nutritious veggies like mushroom broccoli and carrots and some avocado is the best can choose your own dressing and make it flavorful.

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crispy tofu with veggies

Date: Jan 18, 2021

crispy tofu perfectly complements winter season.Its a healthy nutritious protein snacks and is one of the best option for weight watchers too.

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Date: Jan 8, 2021

During winter we always look for something warm,chatpata and that fills our satiety.Broccoli is nutritious rich in vitamins and minerals. Here is one of the interesting way of introducing broccoli to your diet.

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Mooli stuff Bajra roti

Date: Dec 11, 2020

Its winter and we feel hungry very often. Bajra as a gluten free wholegrain is nutritious and keeps you full for long hours.

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Vegan Miso soup

Date: Nov 20, 2020

Miso soup is a low calorie,light and highly flavourful soup recipe with all goodness of spinach and carrots. Miso paste is the main ingredient which provide all taste and aroma to the whole recipe.

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Udon hearty noodle

Date: Oct 28, 2020

This is a perfect recipe to complement winter and makes you feel cozy and comfortable. Udon noodle soup can be a filling meal for weight watchers too.

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Amaranth poha/ upma

Date: Oct 16, 2020

Amaranth is loaded with energy,protein , vitamins, calcium ,iron and zinc and is a great food while fasting. This navratras try this recipe.

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Vegan mushroom risotto

Date: Oct 9, 2020

Risotto is a nice, healthy and complete bowl meal.vegan mushroom risotto with coconut milk is filling and nourishing too.

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Beetroot hungcurd relish

Date: Sep 18, 2020

This beautifully coloured dip is actually is one of the best choice to be included as snack. you can relish this dip with some bread stick,steam veggies, flatbreads and many more.

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