Sleep well to loose weight

Date: Nov 13, 2013

f you want to loose weight then get adequate sleep. Hormones that stimulate hunger and cravings are activated when the brain is tired, leading to overeating and weight gain. Insulin resistance also increases with less sleep. If you consistently wake up tired,you are probably not getting enough sleep...

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Infuse positive energy by walking

Date: Nov 6, 2013

The early morning sun infuses positive energy in the body and is well suited to all body types. So, walk outdoors when the sun is rising and breathe deeply. Morning walk opens circulatory and communication channels,stimulates digestion,clears impurities,releases positive neurohormones,elevate mood a...

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suffering from Migraine?

Date: Oct 30, 2013

Are you suffering from migraine..? Migraine can be a detterent in your daily life. It leaves you completly drained.There are many factors that can trigger migraine. Some migraines are caused by food allergies, or hormonal imbalance. Many migraine sufferers see drastic improvements once trigger foods...

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my little travelogue

Date: Oct 28, 2013

Last week i went to Surat for a talk and i was pleasantly surprised by the city.before i give you more details let me tell you that it was my first visit to Gujrat so i was so keen and enthusiastic about the people and food,as i am into diet and nutrition. What caught my eye first was healthy items ...

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Are you dealing with hair fall?

Date: Oct 20, 2013

week Do you know the water you are using for hair wash could be a reason behind hair fall? Problem-Hard water has too much calcium and magnesium which makes our hair hard, brittle ,less shiny and weak from roots. Solution- use drinking water to rinse your hair after shampoo. Use a mild shampoo with ...

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Evening Hunger pangs

Date: Oct 9, 2013

Most people feel hungry during 6 to 8 in the evening and people who are working till late and still at work place end up eating junk like pizza,burger or samosa. eating junk food everyday leads to lifestyle realted disorders like diabetes,high cholesterol and high blood pressure. carry some healthy ...

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how to start your day

Date: Oct 1, 2013

Start your day with a glass of warm water,Don't drink cold water in the morning as it decreases body temperature and causes mandagni(slowing down of digestive fire) you can add lemon and honey or tulsi leaves to your first glass of water to detox the body.

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Did you know your handbag has bacteria?

Date: Sep 26, 2013

Handbags that women carry harbour bacteria and it is proved by swab test. it has germs that pose a significant risk of cross contamination. washing your hands and bag regularly can prevent bacteria from building up and causing illness.

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chiken steak with mango salsa

Date: May 29, 2013

Its summer time folks and what better way then have it with chiken so enjoy chicken steak with mango herb salsa,you can make this rceipe as cottage cheese steak as well .

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